Why Psychometric Assessments help Hire the Right Person

Psychometric assessments are the best crystal balls I’ve found in the hiring process. Clients often feedback a couple of months into their new hire’s employment “I can’t believe how spot on that psychometric assessment was”. The best psychometric assessments are based on what psychologist term ‘The Big Five Model’. As these can validly predict future workplace... Read More

What Psychosocial Hazards Must all Workplaces Manage?


Worksafe New Zealand has made it mandatory for all workplaces to actively manage the following psychosocial health hazards: Stress Bullying Fatigue Workplaces need to be able to demonstrate a risk assessment has been completed for these psychosocial hazards. Plus controls to manage these health hazards must be in place. Controls can include things like: Having an inappropriate... Read More

Does your Employment Agreement Comply with the new Employment Standards?

Employment agreement

Did you know that since 1 April 2017 new employment standards must be reflected in the employment agreement for the following: Availability Clause for Agreed Hours of Work Cancellation of Shift Clause Secondary Employment Clause 1. Availability Clause for Agreed Hours of Work for the Employment Agreement “Zero-hour” contracts are now prohibited. What this means is... Read More

Got Health and Safety Covered?

New Zealand’s she’ll be right attitude to health and safety is a thing of the past given our new Health and Safety at Work Act. Furthermore like paying taxes, it is now mandatory to manage worker health and safety in all workplaces (PCBU). This means not having processes like these for example: carrying out a risk assessment, assessing incidents or near misses. Can lead to... Read More

Social Media – How to Manage Workers Use of Social Media

Social media is here to stay as a business tool and its use continues to evolve. It brings its own benefits and risks to employers, managing reputation and confidentiality being the core risks. Workers can easily tap out some words in anger or frustration and post it before their brain has fully engaged, often not really thinking about the consequences. A Social Media Policy helps... Read More

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