1. Human Resource Essentials Toolkit

2. Workplace Health and Safety

3. Employment Relations

4. Recruitment and Pre-Employment Screens

5. Human Resource Know-How

6. Growth and Development

7. Facilitation to Increase Productivity, Performance & Collaboration


1. Human Resource Essentials Toolkit

The human resource tools, templates, policies and procedures for a strong compliant foundation


Bullet point greenEmployment Agreement Templates –  current and compliant

Bullet point greenPosition Descriptionssetup to enable successful people performance

Bullet point greenInduction and Onboarding Programmesset new people up for success 

Performance Development Review Systemenabling successful people performance

Remuneration Reviews benchmark to the market

House Rules and Policesrelevant and current for your business

Exit Interview Toolsenable feedback for continuous improvement

2. Workplace Health & Safety

Helping people get home healthy and safe everyday


Bullet point greenHealth & Safety Manuals and Systemsrelevant and current for your business

Bullet point greenHealth & Safety Culture Developmentbring your whole team together for the same purpose

Bullet point greenStress and Fatiguerisk management and implementing appropriate controls

Workplace Health and Well-being Programmesmanaging the health aspect of health and safety


3. Employment Relations

 Processes to manage the tricky human resource situations


Bullet point greenManage workplace issuespoor performance, disciplinary issues

Bullet point greenRestructuresthe right structure to meet your business needs

Bullet point greenOutplacementfor transitioning people through a redundancy situation, CV review, job search, career direction

Bullet point greenMediation Servicesto resolve disputes


4.  Recruitment and Pre-Employment Screens

Hire the right people, and make managing them easy


Bullet point greenPsychometric Assessmentsunderstand the real person and what drives them

Bullet point greenIndependent Reference Checks find out what candidate referees really think of them

Bullet point greenCV screening & interviews distilling down to the right candidates


5. Human Resource Know-How

Align the services detailed above to help achieve your business objectives


Bullet point greenStrategic People Planreview of HR practices & prepare a roadmap to drive HR activities and outcomes according to your business’s highest priority over the next 12 months

Bullet point greenOngoing Performance Developmenthelp your people to perform at their best

Bullet point greenHealthy Culturegrow a culture which engages, helps keep people healthy and safe, and helps achieve your business objectives

Bullet point greenWorkforce Planningknow the pivotal roles that drive your business objectives & help set these roles up for success

Training Needs Analysisunderstand where to invest the training budget to help achieve your business objectives

Succession Planning and Career Development develop the right people for the future

Change Managementhelps implement change initiatives successfully i.e. new technology


6. Growth and Development

Mentoring and coaching to fast track middle managers and human resource people’s career development


Bullet point greenMiddle Manager Developmentmentoring/coaching for managers who need to move from doing the work to getting work done through others

Human Resource Practitioner Developmentmentoring/coaching for HR people who need to fast track their HR knowledge and it’s application at work


7. Facilitation to Increase Productivity, Performance and Collaboration

Certified in 3 workshops using Herrmann International’s world renowned Whole Brain® Model, for increasing your team’s self-awareness, productivity, performance and collaboration


Bullet point greenStartThinking for teams who wish to work together better through understanding individual’s strengths and weaknesses

Bullet point greenThinkAbout Teamsfor teams who need to increase their productivity, performance and collaboration

Bullet point greenThinkAbout Communicationfor teams who need to improve their communication and collaboration

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