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What Clients Are Saying

  • “We have now had the comfort of Juliette’s expertise coming up to two years. In that time she has strengthened our team literally tenfold to counter the natural growth of our company during this surge of development in Auckland”

    Mark, Managing Director, Flooring Industry

  • “During the HR mentoring programme we have built a great relationship based on trust, respect and openness. Juliette has brought incredible insight and balanced perspectives to certain issues that I did not otherwise have, especially with some of the more practical detail in the challenges I was faced with”

    Ashani, HR, Electrical Industry

  • “Working with Juliette Smale is a great experience. She quickly understands our recruitment needs, identifies suitable candidates, conducts the interview and reference checking processes, and closes the deal in a short period of time. This means I can focus on what I do best”  

    Mat, Managing Director, Construction Industry

  • “Juliette was a tremendous help when the decision was made to change our HR capability. At first, she helped by doing a full HR/ER audit to check compliance to the various acts governing HR. This was invaluable a guide over the following 12 months with an easy list of priorities to focus on & fix”

    Melony, Human Resources Manager, Electrical Industry

  • “Juliette’s manner, composure and judgement when recruiting  is second to none and her regular review process has allowed me the freedom to carry out my role without distraction in the knowledge our team is rock solid”

    Mark, Managing Director, Flooring Industry

  • “Having completed 12 coaching sessions with Juliette as my coach I  highly recommend her. She provided helpful insights & proved to be a great listener, allowing me space to think while also being very encouraging & non-judgemental. As a result I’ve developed a set of goals & visions that excite inspire & move me forward”

    Jenny, Philanthropist

  • “I have completed a 12 week course with Juliette, thank you so much for your insight & expertise in understanding the change that was required. Your patience & valuable insights has helped me make swift changes & help me achieve the desired results”

    Adnan, Reservations Sales Manager, Tourism Industry

  • “Juliette has been supporting my growth into this challenging position, both as a mentor and a coach. I could not have progressed without her steady and calm support, backed by her strong ER and best practice capability. Thank you”

    Melony, HR Manager, Electrical Industry

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