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Category: NZ Employment Law

90 Day Trial Period is it Going? What Then?

90 day trial

In January 2018 parliament introduced a Bill which if passed means the 90 day trial won’t apply to employers of 20 plus employees. If this eventuates the option left to these employers is a probation period. So what’s the main difference between a probation period and a 90 day trial period? For Probation Periods First

4 Must Dos When Offering Employment


In this candidate short market it is tempting to get a new recruit on board quick fast. Inadvertently forgetting to do 4 things employment legislation requires during the recruitment process: 1. Give them a copy of their written employment agreement This is fairly self-explanatory; the key thing is to ensure the employment agreement complies with

Health and Safety Governance Online Training

safety governance

The Institute of Directors offers an online Health and Safety Governance course. It is a 1 to 2 hour learning module based on the Institute’s good practice guides. From the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, this module makes¬†explicit the directors proactive duty to exercise due diligence regarding matters of health

What Psychosocial Hazards Must all Workplaces Manage?


Worksafe New Zealand has made it mandatory for all workplaces to actively manage the following psychosocial health hazards: Stress Bullying Fatigue Workplaces need to be able to demonstrate a risk assessment has been completed for these psychosocial hazards. Plus controls to manage these health hazards must be in place. Controls can include things like: Having

Does your Employment Agreement Comply with the new Employment Standards?

Employment Agreement

Did you know that since 1 April 2017 new employment standards must be reflected in the employment agreement for the following: Availability Clause for Agreed Hours of Work Cancellation of Shift Clause Secondary Employment Clause 1. Availability Clause for Agreed Hours of Work for the Employment Agreement “Zero-hour” contracts are now prohibited. What this means