Tag: Disciplinary action

Tag: Disciplinary action

Can you legally record a conversation?

Record a conversation

It is getting easier to record a conversation with iphones, android devices and so on. Can you legally record a conversation? Remember the famous case of the secret recording of John Key and John Banks in the Tea Cup Incident. Can you record a conversation in secret? It is a question that comes up quite

What are Employment Policies?

Employment policies are those sleep inducing documents, usually given to new recruits to read during their workplace induction. Employment policies are usually wordy and boring documentzzzzzzzzzz, setting out the rules and responsibilities to help maintain compliance with legislation, fairness, order, and make expectations clear in the workplace. This is important information for building a good

What are disciplinary procedures?

Disciplinary procdures

Disciplinary procedures are what an employer follows when an employee is suspected of unacceptable behaviour i.e. being frequently late, falsifying their timesheet, theft, spending too much time on the internet, being verbally abusive, not meeting their performance targets and so on. These examples are what are known as conduct issues. Disciplinary procedures help address these