Employee Assistance

employee assistanceHave you heard of Employee Assistance?  It is a great tool for managers, and comes in handy when an employee tells you something that crosses the boundaries between work and personal problems  i.e. their personal financial problems, gambling issues, personal relationship problems…what do you do?

You want to be compassionate, however set some boundaries about what you can and can’t do to help them. Employee Assistance is a great middle ground. So what is it?

Employee Assistance is an outsourced service which provides the following services:

  • Counselling
  • Budgeting – managing money
  • Stress management
  • Alcohol and drug counselling and rehabilitation

Some of the benefits of Employee Assistance include:

  • Easier to deal with employee personal problems
  • Helps support employee well-being
  • The courts look favourably on employers that help their employees in this manner

You can refer employees on a voluntary basis, or make a formal referral. A formal referral can be made where personal problems have contributed to conduct issues or unsatisfactory performance.

Most Employee Assistance suppliers, allow you to use the service on an as needs basis, or you can sign up to a formal contract with them. Some of the suppliers in the NZ market include:

Employee Assistance is an essential tool in any manager’s tool kit, it enables you to set boundaries and provide support in a practical and compassionate manner.