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90 Day Trial Period is it Going? What Then?

90 day trial

In January 2018 parliament introduced a Bill which if passed means the 90 day trial won’t apply to employers of 20 plus employees. If this eventuates the option left to these employers is a probation period. So what’s the main difference between a probation period and a 90 day trial period? For Probation Periods First

Rewards and Incentives – A Novel Approach

Rewards and Incentives

Employee rewards and incentives are a way to recognise employees for doing a good job. These can take the form of vouchers, gifts, bonuses, and so on. Science is finding novel ways to structure rewards and incentive programmes to get the best bang for your buck. For example studies have found, if as a company

What is the most important poor performance risk to manage?

Poor performance

Newly promoted managers (especially from technical backgrounds) can change very quickly from high performance in a technical capacity, to poor performance as a manager. This has a multiplier effect as it  impacts not only their own performance but the performance of their new team. It often occurs because it is a significant transition changing from