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How does the Employee Turnover Rate Effect the Bottom-line?

Turnover rate

If your employee turnover rate is high, then your bottom-line will be significantly affected. Unexpected resignations cost between 100% & 300% of the person’s salary to replace. The costs that feed in to these percentages include recruitment costs, lost knowledge and productivity, down time to hire and train new hires and so on. What is

Employee Assistance

employee assistance

Have you heard of Employee Assistance?  It is a great tool for managers, and comes in handy when an employee tells you something that crosses the boundaries between work and personal problems  i.e. their personal financial problems, gambling issues, personal relationship problems…what do you do? You want to be compassionate, however set some boundaries about

Employee Engagement

According to a Towers Watson Study, employee engagement is the willingness to put additional discretionary effort into work (extra time, brainpower and energy), beyond what is considered ‘enough’. Engaged employees have the desire and commitment to do the best they can and make a measurable contribution to an organisation’s performance. In other words your employees

Realising the value of your business

Time to sell

“Begin with the end in mind” Habit 2 – Stephen R. Covey. Often having a business is a lot like having a “superannuation plan”, at some point you’ll want to cash it up. It is easy to think “she’ll be right”, there’ll be a buyer when the time comes to sell. However, the evidence is