Too Many Sick Days?

Sick DaysWorking out whether an employee’s sick days are legitimate or not is challenging. The first thing to do is investigate the reason behind sick days. A mine field in employee relations terms, because finding out why someone is sick stretches in to personal privacy, human rights, and medical areas. Employers need to tread very carefully here.

Recently, an HR Colleague of mine recommended Dr Steve, I have been so impressed with his service I thought I’d spread the word. Dr Steve Culpan is a Doctor who can complete medical assessments related to absenteeism, mental health issues, illness or injury, and excessive sick days. Dr Steve’s service is independent and helps gather the much needed medical evidence. This evidence coupled with a fair consultation process with the employee concerned, will help you manage those excessive sick days and alike, in a fair and reasonable way. This is what the courts favour. If you’d like to get a medical assessment underway contact Dr Steve