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Category: NZ Employment Law

What are disciplinary procedures?

Disciplinary procdures

Disciplinary procedures are what an employer follows when an employee is suspected of unacceptable behaviour i.e. being frequently late, falsifying their timesheet, theft, spending too much time on the internet, being verbally abusive, not meeting their performance targets and so on. These examples are what are known as conduct issues. Disciplinary procedures help address these

How to write a job description

how to write a job description

To understand how to write a job description, first you need to understand why have a job description in the first place. The key reasons for having a job description are: The Employment Relations Act 2000 requires an employer to have ‘a description of the work to be performed by the employee’ in their employment

Employee Assistance

employee assistance

Have you heard of Employee Assistance?  It is a great tool for managers, and comes in handy when an employee tells you something that crosses the boundaries between work and personal problems  i.e. their personal financial problems, gambling issues, personal relationship problems…what do you do? You want to be compassionate, however set some boundaries about